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Mayor's Note — Dr. Miguel Ángel Mancera

In recent years, Mexico City has taken up the task of becoming a platform for creativity and has recognized the importance of incorporating sustainable development in matters of design and development. It should be noted that Mexico City, currently recognized as the eighth largest urban economy in the world and deemed as both a “World Design Capital” and a “City of Design” by the UNESCO Creative City Network, is a vibrant megalopolis with a long history of great cultural richness and diversity.

We believe that the role that design and creativity play in the city’s strategy is crucial. As well as a powerful problem-solving tool, it develops social justice and impacts a broad ecosystem where these resourceful disciplines are part of a myriad of activities, from urban architecture to the restructuring of social processes.

We are aware of the importance of supporting a wide array of innovative processes and tools in order to address the main challenges and objectives of the urban agenda, both locally and globally, including all sectors of society, with a comprehensive and strategic vision.

For these reasons, the Mexico City Government assumes the responsibility and the challenge of promoting the practice of design as a common space of ideation and creation that has the power to impact all levels of our city. The efforts that have been made through the implementation of design in our streets, public transport, policy, institutions, and many other aspects, have proven this discipline and its principles transform achievements into progress.

— Dr. Miguel Ángel Mancera, Mayor of Mexico City