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Mextrópoli, International Festival of Architecture & City

Arquine Architectural Magazine is one of Mexico’s key witnesses of the urban and architectonic transformation of the city. The publication has also played a crucial role, throughout the last 20 years, on the conformation of the design ecosystem and its new horizons. Aquine has served a wider task not only in the documentation and communication of the architectonic masterpieces and talents, but has been capable of articulating a contemporary architectonic culture through its diverse projects and events: books, conferences, jams, exhibitions, and most recently, Mextrópoli International Festival of Architecture and City.

One of the most popular and consistent projects of the Arquine platform was the Arquine International Conference, an event whose objective was to bring together the finest experiences and perspectives from the world's greatest architects, urbanists, designers and city thinkers. This event promoted a space for reflection and for the exchange of ideas within Mexico City. The growing metropolis and the active design community demanded a need for the Conference to evolve into platform for spreading knowledge and engaging civic actors on an international stage. For these reasons, the Arquine Conference became Mextrópoli, the International Festival of Architecture and City, and began focusing on the variety and multiplicity of city-related events in CDMX as well as on generating a civic culture around architectural principles.

Mextropoli has been held in the Historic Center of Mexico City since 2014 as an annual four-day festival for different activities centered around architecture. The event has established itself as a platform for encountering international actors, with a wide-ranging agenda of activities such as conferences, workshops, cultural bike tours, outdoor activities, exhibitions and architectural pavilions. All of these activities allow us to enter into a direct dialogue with our city by helping citizens better understand the spaces they inhabit. The festival brings together more than 50 thousand people each year, including students, professionals, artists, creators, opinion leaders, citizens, politicians and other potential actors to discuss, reflect and contribute beneficial ideas to make sure Mexico City remains among the most creative metropolitan centers in the world.

Mextrópoli es un festival anual de cuatro días que se realiza desde 2014 y se llevan a cabo diferentes actividades con la arquitectura con sus principales sedes en el Centro Histórico de la Ciudad de México. El evento se posicionó como una plataforma para el encuentro a nivel internacional, con un amplio programa de actividades tales como conferencias, talleres, tours en bicicleta culturales, actividades al aire libre, exposiciones y pabellones así como la creación de redes que se realizan en las calles y recintos de la ciudad. Todas estas actividades permiten el diálogo directo con nuestra ciudad.

Mextrópoli reúne a más de 50 personas, incluyendo estudiantes, profesionales, artistas, creadores, líderes de opinión, ciudadanos, políticos y otros actores con diálogo potencial, reflexiones y contribuciones con ideas beneficiosas para hacer de la Ciudad de México uno de los centros metropolitanos más creativos en el mundo.

Project name Mextrópoli, International Festival of Architecture & City
Period 2014
Contributor Arquine
Location Mexico City, Cuauthémoc