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Feria Internacional de las Culturas Amigas, FICA

The International Friendly Cultures Fair (FICA) is a public festival that takes place every year in downtown Mexico City. It is an international platform that builds upon a robust network of State representatives from five different continents who come to the City to showcase customs and identities that are particular to their home nation. The fair represents a great opportunity to strengthen international relations and extend beyond the stereotypes of exoticization that are usually shaped and aggravated by cultural markets and tourism. Each year during the fair, the Historic Center of Mexico City becomes a site of cultural expression and performance where participants are encouraged to rethink and experiment ways in which an urban multicultural identity can be achieved.

Pabellón Gastronómico, FICA 2017
Pabellón Gastronómico, FICA 2017

After the city’s designation as “World Design Capital 2018” by the World Design Organization (formerly the International Partnership Council of Industrial Design), the 2018 edition of FICA featured a pavilion with the title “Design for Your City,” which sought to increase awareness about the importance of design for both contemporary cities and their inhabitants. There was also an open call for architectural interventions made in collaboration with LIGA, a non-profit organization working to develop spaces for contemporary Latin-American architecture in Mexico City. The competition selected a group of proposals that had used an experimental approach to develop a sustainable and efficient solution for improving the City’s infrastructure.

By promoting these kinds of design-oriented activities, FICA has become a model example for cities looking to develop design development strategies and integrate diversity into their political urban agenda. FICA has shown that development is not only a matter of economic growth but also of creating inclusive spaces where all citizens—national and international—can prosper.

FICA 2017
FICA 2017

En este sentido, además de promover el humanismo, la tolerancia y la diversidad, la FICA se convierte en un modelo para la ciudades que quieren diseñar estrategias de desarrollo para integrar las diferencias en la agenda política urbana. Desde esta forma de pensar, el desarrollo no es solo una cuestión de crecimiento económico, sino también de conocimiento y aceptación de las diferencias y de no dejar a nadie rezagado.

Project name Festival Internacional de las Culturas Amigas FICA
Period 2009
Contributor CGAI, UNESCO, Design Week Mexico
Location Zócalo, Mexico City