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Bi Yuu Rugs

Founded in Mexico City in 2012, Bi Yuu has become one of the most active textile design projects in the country, not only for its use of inventive patterns and graphics, but also for its innovative approach to the production and distribution of handmade rugs. The project began as a platform for experimentation in textile design and made it its mission to carry out a new vision for high-quality textiles, adhering to principles of social and ecologic commitment by working directly with artisans and cooperatives from Oaxaca and Chiapas. Bi Yuu’s name comes from the Zapotec word Bi—meaning air, wind and breath—and the Chatino word Yuu—meaning land.

The philosophy of Bi Yuu focuses on new collective modes of production rooted in material and immaterial heritage such as native flora and traditional knowledge. The rugs are made of imported high-quality fibers and are produced in collaboration with other Mexican textile actors to ensure the revival of long forgotten production techniques. The project establishes new connections between history, color, geometry and cultural context by turning to artisan techniques such as the use of the pedal loom, natural dyes and non-industrial fibers. Bi Yuu visualizes design as a strategic tool for social impact and, for this reason, have established lasting relationships with their local Mexican collaborators. Instead of focusing on the monetization of a product, Bi Yuu’s model of production develops a sensibility towards sustainable consumption and integrates recycled materials into their new product designs. Bi Yuu’s approach to craft and ecological design could prove to be a critical step in the discovery of new design strategies for Mexico City.

Project name Bi Yuu Rugs
Period 2012
Contributor Marisol Centeno
Location Avenida Prado Norte 235, Lomas - Virreyes, Lomas de Chapultepec V Secc, 11000, CDMX