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In 2017, Mexico City was nominated as a World City of Design for the UNESCO Creative City Network and was officially recognized as part of the global creative ecosystem. As the experimental branch of the Mexico City Government, the Laboratorio para la Ciudad (LabCDMX) submitted the application to UNESCO on behalf of the CDMX and has since embarked on a mission to promote creativity in both the city's artistic expressions and in its approaches to urban governance. This project is a testament to Mexico City’s diverse range of creative forms and catalogues the creative prowess of its rich and complicated history. In these chapters, you can read about various seminal creative projects ranging from local businesses involved in the promotion of traditional Mexican culture (such as Bi Yuu Rugs and the Yolcan Project) to artistic movements that led to crucial moments in this nation's political climate, including the "Plastic Integration" movement and the Popular Graphics Workshops League of Revolutionary Writers and Artists (LEAR).

We also invite you to download and take a look at the LabCDMX's full UNESCO Creative City Network application found in the link above.